• Coordinates quality and quantity-related operations between the harvesting groups, individual growers and mills as well as liaising with various related organisations;
  • Assists growers with crop estimates and cutting programmes;
  • Advises on and discusses cane test results and supply data to growers regarding improvement of standards;
  • Administers the activities of the labour force engaged in receiving, storing, testing, and shipping products or materials;
  • Discusses with department heads to coordinate warehouse activities such as production, sales, records control or purchasing;
  • Inspects goods or resources to estimate quantities or weight and type of container required for storage or transport.
Basic Educational Requirements

In order to become a Cane Supply Officer, one must at least have a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture, Business Administration/Management, Economics or any related field.

Skills and Competencies
  • Knowledgeable in business and management principles;
  • Ability to talk to others to communicate information effectively and actively listen to the other people;
  • Knowledgeable in principles and methods of moving people or goods including the relative costs and benefits;
  • Able to manage financial resources;
  • Knowledgeable in principles and measures for personnel recruitment, selection, training, compensation and benefits, labor relations and negotiation and personnel information systems;
  • Capable of monitoring the performance other individuals as well as oneself to be able to make improvements or take applicable measures;
  • Competent in identifying complex problems and evaluating related information in order to expand and review options and perform solutions.
Attributes / Characteristics
  • Reliable, responsible and dependable in fulfilling obligations;
  • Pays keen attention to details and thorough in completing work tasks;
  • Efficient in analyzing information and using logic to address issues and problems;
  • Honest and adheres to proper ethical behaviors;
  • Independent in getting things done and creative in developing ways of executing tasks;
  • Proficient in computer office softwares;
  • Willing to lead, take charge and direct.
Salary Compensation

The monthly salary of a Cane Supply Officer may range from P 15,000 to P 25,000 excluding benefits and other compensations.

Propects for Career Advancement

A Cane Supply Officer may professionally flourish in the sugar industry especially in sugar refineries and mills. With educational attainment and experience, s/he may move into various specialized roles including management, supervision and planning posts.

Employment Opportunities

Opportunities for a Cane Control Officer exist within the Agricultural Businesses. They may be employed in various sectors related to sugarcane activities in public and private institutions.

Cost Training

The cost of pursuing bachelor’s degrees in agriculture and business administration or management varies between public and private schools. In a public university, the tuition fee is around P 550-P18, 000 per semester while in private schools, fees may range from P12, 000 – P75, 000 per semester.
Furthermore, a Master’s degree in the aforementioned field may cost a minimum of P2,000 per unit depending on the institution .