• Controls the over-all requirements of the project to comply with the LEED guidelines;
  • Coordinates with the LEED Consultant for the necessary pre-requisites to earn points with the required LEED certification;
  • Assures that all pre-requisites in methodology, materials and systems of the project would comply with LEED requirements;
  • Supervises daily activities and arranges related reports with the LEED guidelines;
  • Ensures the preparation of the LEED requirements to be submitted on time;
  • Preserves every LEED-related logs and the tracking of documents;
  • Cooperates with the different contractors and subcontractors in following the requirements for the requisites to receive points with the LEED certification;
  • Handles the general requirements of the project to comply with the LEED pre-requisites;
  • Reviews and evaluates requirements and coordinates with consultants in any non-compliance prerequisites;
  • Arranges and conducts the LEED meeting with different contractors and subcontractors.
Basic Educational Requirements

In order to become a LEED Coordinator, one needs to at least have a Bachelor’s degree and Professional License in civil/mechanical/electrical/environmental, health and safety or any related field. This position also requires a LEED certification.

Skills and Competencies
  • Knowledgeable in computer systems and software and diverse email platforms;
  • Ability to represent the company and project team in professional meetings with stakeholders, contractors and subcontractors;
  • Knowledgeable in high performance green design, energy efficiency and related environmental issues and policies;
  • Ability to motivate team projects and individuals to achieve the required LEED credits and certification;
  • Ability to monitor the LEED rating system and interpret guidelines and rules to recommend and advice staff;
  • Ability to comprehend the impact buildings have on the environment and how the building tracks can be compact without adjusting its specifications;
  • Ability to presume responsibility and work productively in an orderly and proficient manner.
Attributes / Characteristics
  • Ability to communicate effectively with individuals at all levels of the organization;
  • With meticulous attention to details;
  • With a desire to learn and accept new challenges;
  • Excellent oral and written communications and human relations skills;
  • Possesses a strong analytical and problem solving skills;
  • Practical and innovative in problem solving;
  • Ability to work in a flexible schedule and travel to project sites as needed;
  • Ability to work on various difficult and durable tasks in fast paced environment with minimum supervision.
Salary Compensation

The monthly salary of a LEED Coordinator may range from P20, 000 to P 27,000 excluding benefits and other compensations.

Propects for Career Advancement

A LEED Coordinator has opportunities to move into various fields of work in order to acquire knowledge and skills. With educational attainment related to real estate, construction and property, there might be a chance to go up to LEED specialist, LEED head coordinator or advance in a management position.

Employment Opportunities

LEED Coordinators are designated in the field of construction and real estate. They can also seek growth career in consultation and in government services.

Cost Training

The cost of pursuing a bachelor’s degree in engineering varies between public and private institutions. In a public university, the tuition fee is around P300 – P20, 000 per semester while in private schools, fees may range from P10, 000 – P66,000 per semester.