• Handles the requirements of the establishments or enterprises prior to the construction or installation of pollution control facilities;
  • Monitors activities relating to the pollution source and control facilities to ensure their compliance with the air, noise and water quality standards;
  • Administers operation and preservation of pollution control facilities;
  • Reports the breakdown of any pollution control facility, and the estimated and actual date of completion/repair and operation;
  • Cooperates with the Local Government Units or local pollution control officers;
  • Attends meetings for Pollution Control Officers which may from time to time be called by the DENR;
  • Handles other concerns in relation to environmental issues as required by his/her company.
Basic Educational Requirements

In order to become a Pollution Control Officer, one has to be accredited by the DENR. A bachelor’s degree is required preferably in Chemical, Mechanical or Mining Engineering or any related field. In addition, a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering or related field is an advantage.

Skills and Competencies
  • Knowledgeable in applicable laws and regulatory requirements relating to waste management and pollution prevention;
  • Knowledgeable in water pollution control systems, air pollution control systems and treatment for toxic and hazardous wastes;
  • Accustomed to pollution control reporting;
  • Computer proficient, knowledgeable with CAD is an advantage;
  • Good understanding of technical matters concerning environmental science and environmental pollution control;
  • Can work with minimum supervision;
  • Capable of building effective and productive work relationships;
  • Has the ability to work with various projects at a time;
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
Attributes / Characteristics
  • Resourceful, creative and detail-oriented;
  • Attentive and can maintain an organized area;
  • Dedicated to achieving an effective, improving and high quality service;
  • Self-disciplined and professional;
  • Motivated, energetic and willing to work on long hours;
  • Good team player.
Salary Compensation

The monthly salary of a Pollution Control Officer may range from PhP16,000 to PhP25,000 depending on work experience.

Propects for Career Advancement

A Pollution Control Officer is classified differently depending on the field s/he is involved in: air, water, noise, ect. With enough relevant experience and educational attainment, a Pollution Control Officer might advance to Pollution Control Manager, Supervisor or Safety Manager tasked in making decisions about formations and procedures of policies to provide safe and secure operations as well as assist or conduct environmental, health and safety trainings.

Employment Opportunities

A Pollution Control Officer is designated in various government agencies, non-government organizations and private sectors with activities relating to potential and actual sources of water, air and land pollution.

Cost Training

A Bachelor’s degree in the various fields of Engineering would cost around PhP3, 000 to PhP66,000 per semester in different educational institutions. The cost of training is around PhP5,000-P8,500 which includes meals, materials and training certificate.