Computer Programmer

A Computer Programmer writes, modifies, integrates and tests computer codes for microcomputer and mainframe software applications, data processing applications, opening and operating systems-level software, and communications software. He/she generally knows more than one programming language. In practice, a Programmer is often referred to by the language he/she knows, such as Java Programmer, or by the type of function he performs or environment in which he works — for example, Database Programmer, Mainframe Programmer, or Web Programmer.

  • Maintains existing computer programs by making modifications as required;
  • Identifies and communicates technical problems, processes and solutions;
  • Prepares reports, manuals and other documentation on the status, operation and maintenance of software;
  • Writes, modifies, integrates and tests software codes;
  • Assists in the collection and documentation of user’s requirements;
  • Assists in the development of logical and physical specifications; and
  • Researches and evaluates a variety of software products.
Basic Educational Requirements

A Computer Programmer must have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or in another discipline with a significant computer programming content. Specialization in          programming for Engineering and scientific applications requires specific postgraduate study or experience.

Skills and Competencies

A Computer Programmer must be familiar with the different computer languages that work with programming and web environment:

  • Cobol, Java, and C++ (primary computer languages);
  • SQL, and XQuery (Query languages);
  • HTML (Markup language which is typically used for producing documents); and
  • XSLT (Transformation language).

He/She must also have extensive knowledge of a variety of operating systems and be able to configure the system to work with different types of hardware.

Attributes / Characteristics
  • Should think logically and must pay attention to details;
  • Patient and persistent;
  • Has the ability to do exacting analytical work, especially under pressure;
  • Has ingenuity and creativity in designing solutions and in testing work for potential failure; and
  • Good communication skills, both oral and written.
Salary Compensation

An entry level Programmer makes around P16,000 – P30,000 per month. Experienced and advanced Lead Programmers and System Programmers can receive as much as P50,000 a month.

Propects for Career Advancement

For Computer Programmers who keep up to date with the latest technology, the prospects for advancement are good. They may be promoted to Lead Programmer and be given supervisory responsibilities. Some may move into Systems Programming, Programmer Analyst or Systems Analyst on a managerial level.

Employment Opportunities

In our “computer tech age”, Computer Programmers are highly in demand here and abroad. Most of the businesses in different industries use computers and need a certain software to run them. Each of these software programs is tailor-made by the programmers to fit the system needs of the business and it is the task of Computer Programmers to develop these Computer Software Programs.
And as the Philippines becomes the call enter capital of the world overtaking India, the demand for computer programmers and other IT-related occupations remain strong, opening more prospects for these types of workers.

Cost Training

The cost of pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree (4-year course) in Computer Science may cost from P110,000 to as high as P300,000 depending on the educational institution or in the computer colleges that thrive in the country.

Note: Based on 2010-2011 rates
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