Sanitary Engineers are graduates of Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or equivalent duly Certified as Safety Officer.

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes
  • In-depth understanding of health and safety regulations
  • Ability in producing reports and developing relevant policies
  • Good knowledge of data analysis and risk assessment
  • Excellent organizational and motivational skills
  • Outstanding attention to detail and observation ability
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal abilities
  • Familiarity with Equipment Maintenance
Cost of Education and Training

The tuition fee in private colleges and universities for BS in Industrial Engineering ranges from P43,000-P50,000 per semester while public colleges and universities offer courses free of tuition.

Employment Prospects
Monthly Salary Range
PhP 32,000 - PhP 58,000

  • Construction
Propects for Career Advancement

Sanitary Engineers may gain experience and specialize in water quality, land use or transportation. They may also pursue a career as Environmental Engineers, Environmental Specialists, Environmental Planners and advance to Project Managers, Safety Managers, and other related management roles in government agencies, consulting firms, nonprofit organizations and academia.